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How to test the fire resistance of tunnel fire retardant coatings

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How to test the fire resistance of tunnel fire retardant coatings

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In recent years, fires have occurred in many places, resulting in increased losses. In fact, during inspections, it was found that fake and inferior fire-retardant and flame-retardant decoration materials were used, including fire-retardant and flame-retardant paint products, which have almost no flame retardancy, while qualified tunnel fire-retardant coatings It can be flame retardant for ten minutes.

When the surface of the board coated with qualified tunnel fire retardant coating encounters fire, the tunnel fire retardant coating can rapidly expand and expand in a short time, and form a uniform and dense honeycomb or sponge-like carbon foam layer to isolate the flame from the board. , prevent or delay burning, so as to play a good protective effect on combustible wood. Under normal circumstances, qualified tunnel fire retardant coatings can be flame retardant for more than 15 minutes. Unqualified tunnel fire retardant coatings do not have flame retardants or have very few flame retardants. When the fire surface is exposed to fire, it will not foam or crack directly, and a large number of slag will be scattered.

It is understood that the price of counterfeit tunnel fireproof materials and qualified tunnel fireproof materials is twice or even several times different. While cracking down on the illegal activities of making and selling fakes, the fire department released a coup for identifying the authenticity of tunnel fireproof coatings:

1. Carefully check the packaging of tunnel fire retardant coatings to see if there are signs, manufacturer's name, factory address, contact number on the packaging, and the packaging of qualified tunnel fire retardant coatings are marked; check whether the packaging barrels have been pryed, to prevent buying old ones Fake tunnel fire retardant paint in barrels; check whether the handwriting on the package is clear, and the handwriting on the package of qualified tunnel fire retardant paint is clear;

2. When purchasing tunnel fireproof coatings, check whether there is a qualified inspection report issued by the national fire protection quality inspection center.

3. Obtain samples for fire resistance test.

This editor reminds everyone to carry out strict inspections when installing tunnel fire retardant coatings to prevent unnecessary losses.



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