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Fire retardant

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Fire retardant

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Humans have since learned to make fire by drilling wood. He took control of the earth and gradually entered a civilized society. Fire brings light to mankind and promotes human civilization. At the same time, it brought disaster to mankind. For thousands of years, fire has brought countless disasters to mankind. Humans have never truly conquered fire

    No matter how perfect the firefighting facilities are, no matter how brave the firefighters are. There is no way to be 100% fire free. The most complete firefighting facilities, the bravest firefighters. All you can do is put out the fire, and all you can do is rescue on the spot or after the event. When a fire hits, brave firefighters often risk their lives, sometimes with only a few charred corpses or a rubble. In large fires, the lives of firefighters themselves are not guaranteed. Millions of fires occur every year around the world, and tens of thousands of firefighters around the world die every year at the scene of firefighting.

    A fire destroys a person. A fire can destroy a family. A fire can destroy a village. A fire can destroy a city. even destroy a country. This is the fire, so terrible.

    Is there any way we can completely prevent fires? Yes. As long as the fire hazards are extinguished at the source, the fire can be completely eliminated. Household fire, the main cause of fire, there are kitchen fire sources, heating fire sources, aging wires, socket fires, flammable items, such as decoration wood, curtains, sofas, wallpapers, gussets, clothing, etc., initial small fire, no If it is extinguished in time, it will cause a fire, which will lead to a tragedy of burning the company. Especially now in urban high-rise buildings, elevators and stairs will form chimney benefits. Once a certain floor catches fire, the elevators and stairs will quickly fill with thick smoke, directly blocking people's escape routes. Household flammable items, such as decoration wood, sofas, beds, The curtains will burn into a sea of fire, and the fire will burn up layer by layer along the windows, and the consequences can't be imagined.

    Europe and the United States formulated a special "Household Fire Retardant Act" in the form of legislation as early as more than ten years ago, compulsorily requiring every family to be decorated with fire retardant (fireproof) materials, all wood, fabrics, doors and windows, sofas, curtains , are mandatory to achieve flame retardant (fire). The use of flame retardant (fireproof) materials can directly reduce or even completely eliminate fires. All materials, whether wooden buildings, leather goods, and fabrics, can be non-combustible (can't burn) as long as they are treated with flame retardant (fireproof), Even if you deliberately try to light it with a lighter, it won't light, and if you try to light it with a flamethrower, you won't be able to light it. After the implementation of the "Household Flame Retardant Act" in Europe and the United States, the rate of household fires has been reduced by 98%, and the world has basically achieved no fires. The best way to do flame retardant in public places is Dubai. The most famous sailing hotel in Dubai is fully flame retardant (fireproof) decoration. The curtains alone cost tens of millions of dollars. Almost all five-star hotels in Dubai are decorated with flame retardant (fireproof). Therefore, hotels in Dubai are known as the safest hotels in the world.

    China only has the concept of flame retardant (fire prevention) in recent years, and it is only limited to a small number of high-end industries, such as aerospace, missile and nuclear weapons, mainly used in military industries, and some airline aircraft have been made flame retardant (fireproof). Family flame retardant (fire protection) is basically blank. Calculated according to 300 million families, each household is calculated at 10,000 yuan, (changing curtains, equipped with flame retardant fire escape clothes, escape tapestry) 300 million families is 3 trillion. In addition to all public places, stations, wharfs, airports, warehouses, factories, all unit offices, all hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, and shops, it is estimated that there will be a market of 7 trillion yuan. The whole China's flame retardant (fire protection) market is initially estimated to be in the 10 trillion-level market. Such a huge market is blank. So far, there has not been a large company specialized in producing and selling flame retardant (fireproof) materials, and so far there has not been a dedicated sales company or sales team.

    In recent years, fires have occurred frequently, and this serious fact has attracted the attention of relevant departments. Some experts and deputies to the National People's Congress have already started to write proposals and prepare to submit them to the National People's Congress. "As long as every household uses flame-retardant (fire-resistant) materials for decoration or home decoration, it will truly be a world without fire.



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