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The advantages of artificial leather

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The advantages of artificial leather

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1. Appearance

The appearance of the microfiber leather is very close to the dermis, the pores on the leather surface are relatively clear, and the texture is more natural; while the microfiber leather is an artificial epidermis, without pores, but the texture is more regular and tidy.

2. Weight

The specific gravity of dermis is generally 0.6, while the specific gravity of microfiber leather is 0.3-0.5, which means that the microfiber leather is much lighter than the dermis under the same conditions. For example, a bag with similar shape, size and materials, to distinguish whether it is genuine leather or microfiber leather, you can carry it and weigh it, the genuine leather is much thicker.

3. Smell

Since the dermis is animal skin, it will have a peculiar smell, even a little stench. If the formaldehyde and heavy metals exceed the standard during the processing, the dermis will often have a pungent odor. And the smell of microfiber skin is much lighter, you can't smell the pungent smell of good microfiber skin

4. Performance

Both microfiber leather and genuine leather have very good and practical properties. Microfiber leather is flame-retardant, wear-resistant, light-resistant and aging-resistant, which leather does not have. Of course, microfiber leather and leather can achieve a certain balance in comprehensive performance.

5. Price

Under normal circumstances, genuine leather (of course, the scalp) will be more expensive than microfiber leather, and the price of genuine leather will fluctuate due to changes in supply and demand. However, some advanced microfiber leathers are highly technological and will be more expensive than genuine leather.



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