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Importance of flame retardant materials in home fire prevention

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Importance of flame retardant materials in home fire prevention

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On June 22, 2017, a fire broke out in a community in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, resulting in the unfortunate death of a mother and three minor children. On February 9, 2018, the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court publicly sentenced the defendant's nanny Mo Huanjing to death and deprived him of his political rights for life.

The shocking "nanny arson case" finally came to an end, justice was not absent, but unfortunately the young life has passed away, which makes people sigh with embarrassment. According to reports, the nanny Mo Huanjing used a lighter to ignite books and ignite flammable objects such as sofas and curtains in the living room, which caused the fire to spread rapidly and could not be extinguished, resulting in the death of four victims in the house.

Relevant experts have repeatedly emphasized that sofas, curtains, etc. are all flammable items. Once a fire starts, it will spread rapidly, and the consequences are unimaginable. Due to the lack of awareness of fire prevention in the Chinese people, many people use non-flame retardant household products when decorating. Delaying the spread of fires and creating more escape opportunities for people may prevent such tragedies from happening.

Finally, may the deceased rest in peace and the living learn their lessons. Fire and flame retardant, the alarm bell rings!



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